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HSDJETS 120mm EDF With 150A ESC Semimetallic-Electric Ducted Fan 12S 640KV 8.6kg thrust for RC Airplane

HSDJETS 120mm EDF With 150A ESC Semimetallic-Electric Ducted Fan 12S 640KV 8.6kg thrust for RC Airplane

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1、With Flycolor FlyDragon 150A ESC 5-12S HV OPTO,Start mode can be set. throttle response fast, and it has a very smooth speed control linearity. Compatible with fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.

2、The front half rectifier main cylinder is made of aluminum alloy,which has high strength and is not easy to deform,so as to avoid the blade scratching the inner wall of the main cylinder.It can de changed later to upgrade the rectifier port with larger horn diameter to meet the needs of FRP model aircraft products.

3、There is only 0.5mm gap between the blade and the main cylinder inside wall, so S-EDF has high efficiency.The blade adopts the imported carbon fiber mixed raw material developed by special technology,which is high strength and high toughness,not easy to deform,not easy to break under the pressure of certain strength,and the sound is clear and pure when rotating at high speed.

4、The separated blade is adopted,and the single blade is used for mold output.The weight error accuracy of each blade is small.It is carefully selected according to the error standard with in 0.005g.When the motor has no resonance,it almost does not need dynamic balance test to ensure efficient operation.
Another advantage of using the separated blade is that it is highly accurate,free and symmetrical assembly,convenient and flexible for dynamic balance test of the blade,fast pairing,and high test passing efficiency.

5、The second half of the main cylinder is made of mixed materials with special technology,which has high hardness and certain toughness.It is fixed with the metal motor,which can eliminate resonance to a certain extent and avoid adverse effects on the normal flight of the moder aircraft.

<b>Ducted Fan specification and parameters</b><br>
S-EDF and model: S-EDF 120mm<br>
Motor model: 5268,640KV external rotation<br>
Total weight of power: 858g<br>
Number of blades: 10 blades<br>
Fan blade type: Vortex blade type<br>
Plug model: Banana 6.0<br>
Recommended battery: 6Sx2,5200mAh,60C<br>
Recommended ESC: 160A<br><br>

<b>ESC Specifications:</b><br>
Voltage: 5-12s<br>
Continuous current: 150A<br>
Burst current (10s): 170A<br>
BEC: No<br>
Weight: 203g<br>
Size: 133*49*27 mm<br>

<b>Motor installation parameters</b><br>
Motor output shaft: 8mm<br>
Motor shaft length:20mm<br>
Distance between motor mounting holes:30mm<br>
Motor mounting hole diameter: M4<br><br>

<b>Test Standard(Push Balance)</b><br>
Test battery: 12S,5200mAh,60C,Li-Po(full charge)<br>
Test current: 120A<br>
Maximum thrust:8.6kg<br><br>

<b>Package included:</b><br>
1 x 120mm EDF<br>
1 x 150A ESC<br>
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